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What We Offer

At CAM Flying Club, we are a CAA DTO (Declared Training Organization), offering training for various licences and ratings. We also have a very pleasant club room allowing for social meetings and relaxing before and after flight. There is also a well-appointed Office / Briefing room.

Piper PA28-180 Aircraft

Trial Lessons

Trial lessons are a good way to decide if you would like to take up learning to fly, if you do, this lesson will count towards the required course content.

You may choose to take a one-off trial lesson as treat to yourself or maybe as a special present to a relative or friend.

Kemble flying lessons

PPL Licence

On completion of your PPL (Private Pilot’s License) licence, you will be able to fly Light UK-registered aircraft all over the world, while carrying passengers. Master the skills of climbing, descending & turning to name a few. You don't need any specific qualifications to learn everyone can start!

flying lessons over cirencester

LAPL Licence

If you train for a LAPL (Light Aircraft Pilots License) licence, this will allow you to fly in the UK with fewer training hours and less stringent medical requirements. Holding a LAPL licence allows you to learning similar flying skills to the PPL but with minor restrictions.

Cotswold Airport at night

Night Rating

Addition of a Night rating to your licence will not only improve your flying and navigation skills by allowing you to fly in the dark but also award some spectacular night views

Piper PA28-180 cockpit

IR(R) Rating

Addition of an IR(R) rating, allows you to fly IFR; except in Class A airspace; or when the aeroplane is taking off or landing at any place if the flight visibility below cloud is less than 1,500 metres; again improving your flying skills

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